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The first limited collection of hand-made motion graphic NFTs

Mission Control

Launching a new wave for non-fungible tokens

The NFT world has brought the world into a techno-space unlike anything we've ever seen. Cryptocurrency as a whole has taken financial transparency right into the hands of the common person, getting rid of the middle man banking system altogether. NFTs has taken this transparency a step further, bringing artists' creations to life and bringing the ability for them to sell their work directly to the person--sans middleman.

The Art Galaxy wants to take this new transparent approach a step further, not only giving artists the chance to sell their work directly to the people, but to showcase their talents while also giving them a chance to make the world a better place through any charity they see fit. For every Art Galaxy NFT you purchase, the revenue is given to both the artist and their organization of choice. The artist's name, artistic creation, and philanthropy of choice are listed in every purchase so that you can see directly where your investments are going. Transparency simplified.

Steering the digital world to the better

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are often criticized for the environmental impact. Powered by Relief Retailers and So Indifferent, our goal is to offset as much as we impact on our own planet. By giving back to our home planet Earth, we strive to take our spaceship through the rest of the Art Galaxy gallery to showcase how art is as much a part of our galaxy as is philanthropy. Transparency, art, charity--all of these vectors work together to create us, the humans that live here in this beautiful world. And the Art Galaxy is just the start.

Launch into The Art Galaxy

Diverse Mediums

Digital illustration, acrylic and marker on canvas, fabric, and many more!

Your Space Journey

Take your rocket on a journey through The Art Galaxy and explore your planet!

Episode I

Purchase your rocketship and planet on SolSea

Each motion graphic NFT comes with a PFP

Episode II

Only available to Episode I holders

Episode III

Only available to Episode II holders

Road Map

Minting exclusively on SolSea, explore the galaxy of art from our first episode while we hotwire the next rocket launch.

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Exclusive access to details about future episodes

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Voting on galaxy expansion, collaboration and much more...

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